Your Victory Harvest photos

First, can I congratulate on some beautiful photographs. We all went along on Sunday to the exhibition and were really impressed! Your portraits were so atmospheric - I hope you've let Cath Kidston know what gorgeous photos you have taken. Thanks, and the best of luck with the rest of the exhibition and your future career.
Sarah Porter

HCA summer show

Have just seen your 'keep calm and carry on' work at the HCA summer show. What a delight to see, they capture the modern vintage look perfectly. Loved the images.

Image use in Vintage Life Magazine

I am contacting you from Vintage Life Magazine. We are on the lookout for images to use within the magazine to support existing editorial features and recently came across your photos. Would it be possible to use one or two of them in the magazine? We would of course credit you fully in the article.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Lisa Evans


Hi Jas! I was at the Lizzie may vintage photos shoot last week and I really enjoyed it! I was wondering how much it would cost for me and my friend to have a photo shoot done?

Emily George


I would be glad to see other peoples opinions of my current work so please feel free to leave me some comments